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Native Noise

a collection of fragmented thoughts from the basement of a tired mind


  • April 04, 2016

You've heard of it, and maybe you took a trip here when you were five years old. It might not seem like anything special to the common traveler, but Yosemite is similar to an old relative that you didn't pay too much attention to, only to find out at their funeral that they were a top secret spy involved in significant historical moments. The park has layers upon layers of discovery that could challenge even the most daring of risk takers. No matter how many visits you make, documentaries you watch, books you read, or John Muir quotes you memorize, the place is infinite. It's an explorer's endless amusement park. For those that haven't been there yet, take a week (or month) off from whatever you're doing, and go. Not only will you gather an understanding for Yosemite, you'll also discover much more about yourself. Photos: Wild Native Photography


Eyewear Release

  • April 01, 2016

Things to do: Expand product line with goods for everyday use. Introducing the first two styles of shades from Wild Native, the Drifter and Borrego sunglasses. Both have polarized lenses and are made of eco-friendly bamboo. Each pair comes with a microfiber bag, stickers, and button.   View Eyewear


The Lost Coast

  • February 04, 2016

After spending the night at the Gingerbread Mansion in carefree Ferndale, California, Alexa and I took advice from the town's friendly music shop owner to venture out the dangerous Mattole Road towards the coastline. We had no expectations, so once arriving at the Lost Coast we were immediately impressed with its beauty. A lonely utopia that stretched for miles and miles, haunted by roaring winds and violent northern Pacific waves. The right amount of time in a place like this could act as an alternative to a mind-cleansing psychedelic experience, giving a person the opportunity to view their busy life from an outsider's liberating perspective. We spent two days here before continuing on through Petrolia, eventually arriving at the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. photos: Wild Native Photography


Cut and Dry

  • January 06, 2016

Hey guys. Here's another illustration inspired by modern culture's booming interest with beards and barber shops. Poster prints available. If you want one for your barber shop or grooming products store, send me an email at for a discount.   Purchase This Print


It's Complicated

  • December 24, 2015

It's Complicated, illustration 2015, 18" x 24"   Mornings saturated with headlines, angst, and the reminder of a lack of purpose. Late nights filled with shiny dreams of a perfect plan that would work this time. Dreams killed by another morning's miserable reality. Repeat. Lights, camera, bleeding desire for glory. The formula for fame is dangerous and unforgiving. A bottomless ocean of tears disguised as a tropical paradise, only enjoyable for those who float on the surface for brief moments of time. It's quite another story to dive deep into the void. An indescribable pain lies distant and lost beneath the surface, pulling the careless down into an unescapable whirlpool of torment. Mornings saturated with headlines, angst, and the reminder of a simple life above. Late nights filled with dreary dreams of an unobtainable escape. Dreams killed by another morning's search for a conclusion. Repeat.     Purchase This Print  



  • November 22, 2015

Some nights when working on an illustration style, deep in the dark loneliness called 3am, particular ideas seem prodigiously instructive. Unfortunately, in the morning they're followed by a sobering blow to creativity. Tora became one of those late-night style attempts with a few little successful pieces that will carry forward to my next worthless attempt at artistic self-approval. Tora, illustration 2015, 18" x 24" So here's the new digital illustration that I had giclée printed on Somerset Museum Rag paper (which turned out to be an extremely nice print, by the way). I'll put these up for sale in the Art Prints section if anybody is interested.   Purchase This Print  


Ducati 848 Graphics

  • October 17, 2015

I temporarily had a pearl white Ducati 848 at the shop late last year to do a subtle custom graphics kit using Italian flag colors. The bike was almost too beautiful to do anything with, but here's a few shots of the finished work.


Bearded Portrait Series

  • September 02, 2015

To try and enhance my skills and patience with digital illustration, which I find remarkably frustrating compared to oil and acrylic paints, I did this series of illustrations on the random and extremely overused subject of men's beards using the same color and line style. Ray (old hippie beard), Raahib (Islamic beard), and Renzo (Buddhist monk beard) Ray Raahib Renzo


HEAF Album Art

  • May 19, 2015

A painting for indie rock/dream pop band HEAF (Head East And Forgive) for promotional use and album cover artwork on their 2014 release 'Full Bloom'. The colors and subject were used to capture the feel and sound of HEAF's music. Energetic and colorful with a dark and serious twist. The purpose of this piece was to mix both natural and constructed elements together in order to show a working union. The fox, being the natural element, represents the artist's talent and innate ability to understand music. This exists naturally within. The overlapping shapes, being the constructed element, serve as symbology for the man-made tools or methods we use to create art and express ourselves through a craft. Layers of these colorful, attractive shapes are stacked with the purpose of drawing the viewer towards the brazen fox in the center. Like the process of making music, instruments are used to create the songs that draw the listener to the expressive message that's buried within.


2016 Husqvarna FC 250

  • April 17, 2015

Not too often do I get excited about a new motocross bike, but there's been exceptions. Husqvarna has been on a roll lately, and they're continuing their great design and new look with the upcoming 2016 FC models. Here's some photos from that I can't stop staring at. For the entire photo gallery: Derestricted: New Husqvarna FC 250 Factory Race Bike


Northern California

  • March 04, 2015

We would get together from time to time, at least once a year. It was always exciting, and her unrestrained ways were irresistible. I’d never felt such desire before. With the little time we had together, I’d eagerly explore every corner of her body and mind. She would create moments so beautiful and deep that I'd forget about home completely. California. Maybe I had it wrong this whole time, and this was actually home. Maybe I was supposed to stay here, in a place where I felt comfortable and alive. That would explain the sickness I get every time I have to leave her. The comedown will last months until I’m able to plan my next visit. The excitement of a return will power me through the rest of the year, pushing me to keep working towards the dream of possibly relocating to this golden land of endless natural Wild Native Photography


Icon 1000 New Jack

  • February 02, 2015

I love everything that Icon 1000 builds, and the "New Jack" 1982 Suzuki Katana that was just released fits right in with the other spectacular vintage-future monsters they've created. If you follow many motorcycle blogs or social media accounts, you'll see this bike everywhere very soon.  From Icon 1000: New Jack uses a host of late model componentry to bring the Kat into fighting trim. A 1200cc motor, transplanted from a Suzuki Bandit, provides simple yet effective horsepower. As is often the case, big motors expose big structural problems. Therefore, the New Jack’s frame was triangulated with 1/4” plate to keep the wobbly’s at bay. Modern swingarm, superbike suspension, and a full rework of brakes help keep the rest of the ride five by five. More:

Kurt Diserio is a creative artist whose work is heavily influenced by vintage motorcycle culture, graffiti street art, and the outdoors. With degrees in Business Marketing and Graphic Design, he has continuously been involved with the creation and marketing of many different businesses, brands, and events, including Wild Native Design, Wild Native Photography, American Muscle Docks & Fabrication, Spastic Designs, Valley Cycle Accessories, and more. Kurt currently resides near the wonderful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but enjoys traveling to the West Coast and getting lost as often as possible. Although he is the sole artist behind all of Wild Native's products, you can view his underdeveloped portfolio and personal artwork at
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