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Icon 1000 New Jack

moto Kurt Diserio

I love everything that Icon 1000 builds, and the "New Jack" 1982 Suzuki Katana that was just released fits right in with the other spectacular vintage-future monsters they've created. If you follow many motorcycle blogs or social media accounts, you'll see this bike everywhere very soon. 

From Icon 1000: New Jack uses a host of late model componentry to bring the Kat into fighting trim. A 1200cc motor, transplanted from a Suzuki Bandit, provides simple yet effective horsepower. As is often the case, big motors expose big structural problems. Therefore, the New Jack’s frame was triangulated with 1/4” plate to keep the wobbly’s at bay. Modern swingarm, superbike suspension, and a full rework of brakes help keep the rest of the ride five by five.


  • February 02, 2015
  • Kurt Diserio
  • moto
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