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When I had to travel to races years ago to support my team and keep up with the industry, I developed ways to go to events with almost no money at all, but still keep a good appearance. Most race events I could get into for free due to sponsoring the right people. So entry fees were no problem, but what about hotels, gas, and food/drinks? Here's an example of how it's done. There's a race in western Indiana for instance, and I'm basically traveling from Pittsburgh. Using my gas-saving, standard four-cylinder Pontiac GrandAm, I would leave with just $100, a pillow, and necessary essentials. It took about $30 to fill my car up with gas at the time, and used about two tanks to get there and back. When I arrived close to the race track the night before, I'd drive around and find the nearest trucker station (Pilot, TA, etc.) and get some sleep in the parking lot. With five dollars the next morning, I could go inside and get a shower, grabbing breakfast on the way out. OR if I was short on money, the closest hotel always had free breakfast, and they don't pay attention to who comes and goes. If the race was over that day, I could head straight back. If there was a second day like usual, I headed back to that same trucker station and repeated for the next day. Normally I would make it back home with money to spare.

  • January 07, 2013
  • Kurt Diserio
  • travel
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