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1957 Photography Annual

photo Alexa Liming
I decided to visit my grandmother one day after work and got the bright idea to explore my grandfathers office while she was cooking dinner. What I found were several photographs that my grandfather, Richard Liming had took, along with camera supplies and magazines. I was completely blown away at first, as I had no idea he was so deeply invested in the art. My grandfather had always loved taking photos of the family when he was alive, but I assumed it was the "norm". I was very wrong. He loved learning about film, aperture, shutter speed, and all cameras in general.

Below is a magazine he had stored away called Photography Annual. This magazine was published in 1957 and can actually be very informative to today's photographers. Imagine you have never seen a camera before- You simply pick up this magazine and it explains every little thing you need to do to get your photos looking the way you want them to look. The detail and depth of information the writers put in these magazines amaze me. Very cool find. 

  • January 12, 2013
  • Alexa Liming
  • photo
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