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HEAF Album Art

music Kurt Diserio

A painting for indie rock/dream pop band HEAF (Head East And Forgive) for promotional use and album cover artwork on their 2014 release 'Full Bloom'.

The colors and subject were used to capture the feel and sound of HEAF's music. Energetic and colorful with a dark and serious twist.

The purpose of this piece was to mix both natural and constructed elements together in order to show a working union. The fox, being the natural element, represents the artist's talent and innate ability to understand music. This exists naturally within. The overlapping shapes, being the constructed element, serve as symbology for the man-made tools or methods we use to create art and express ourselves through a craft.

Layers of these colorful, attractive shapes are stacked with the purpose of drawing the viewer towards the brazen fox in the center. Like the process of making music, instruments are used to create the songs that draw the listener to the expressive message that's buried within.

  • May 19, 2015
  • Kurt Diserio
  • music
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