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travel Kurt Diserio

You've heard of it, and maybe you took a trip here when you were five years old. It might not seem like anything special to the common traveler, but Yosemite is similar to an old relative that you didn't pay too much attention to, only to find out at their funeral that they were a top secret spy involved in significant historical moments. The park has layers upon layers of discovery that could challenge even the most daring of risk takers. No matter how many visits you make, documentaries you watch, books you read, or John Muir quotes you memorize, the place is infinite. It's an explorer's endless amusement park.

For those that haven't been there yet, take a week (or month) off from whatever you're doing, and go. Not only will you gather an understanding for Yosemite, you'll also discover much more about yourself.

Photos: Wild Native Photography

  • April 04, 2016
  • Kurt Diserio
  • travel
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