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Native Noise

a collection of fragmented thoughts from the basement of a tired mind

Cut and Dry

  • January 06, 2016

Hey guys. Here's another illustration inspired by modern culture's booming interest with beards and barber shops. Poster prints available. If you want one for your barber shop or grooming products store, send me an email at for a discount.   Purchase This Print


It's Complicated

  • December 24, 2015

It's Complicated, illustration 2015, 18" x 24"   Mornings saturated with headlines, angst, and the reminder of a lack of purpose. Late nights filled with shiny dreams of a perfect plan that would work this time. Dreams killed by another morning's miserable reality. Repeat. Lights, camera, bleeding desire for glory. The formula for fame is dangerous and unforgiving. A bottomless ocean of tears disguised as a tropical paradise, only enjoyable for those who float on the surface for brief moments of time. It's quite another story to dive deep into the void. An indescribable pain lies distant and lost beneath the surface, pulling the careless down into an unescapable whirlpool of torment. Mornings saturated with headlines, angst, and the reminder of a simple life above. Late nights filled with dreary dreams of an unobtainable escape. Dreams killed by another morning's search for a conclusion. Repeat.     Purchase This Print  



  • November 22, 2015

Some nights when working on an illustration style, deep in the dark loneliness called 3am, particular ideas seem prodigiously instructive. Unfortunately, in the morning they're followed by a sobering blow to creativity. Tora became one of those late-night style attempts with a few little successful pieces that will carry forward to my next worthless attempt at artistic self-approval. Tora, illustration 2015, 18" x 24" So here's the new digital illustration that I had giclée printed on Somerset Museum Rag paper (which turned out to be an extremely nice print, by the way). I'll put these up for sale in the Art Prints section if anybody is interested.   Purchase This Print  


Bearded Portrait Series

  • September 02, 2015

To try and enhance my skills and patience with digital illustration, which I find remarkably frustrating compared to oil and acrylic paints, I did this series of illustrations on the random and extremely overused subject of men's beards using the same color and line style. Ray (old hippie beard), Raahib (Islamic beard), and Renzo (Buddhist monk beard) Ray Raahib Renzo


Geometric Spirit Animals

  • December 27, 2014

Symmetrically designed geometric animals from a front view. The black lines are placed in order to simplify the design by crossing through multiple features on the animal before closing. Each in this series use the same line thicknesses, eye style, gradient shading, and color fill. Third Eye: I've consistently drawn a diamond-shaped area over the place where the pineal gland would be on every one of these geometric animals. Nearly all vertebrate animals possess a pineal gland, which produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone. Throughout history this interesting part of us has been considered to be some sort of a third eye that can activate a spiritual world or enable an all-knowing sense. In other words, on all creatures, it acts as an antenna that connects us to the non-physical planes of existence. In a non-religious way, I've included this simple similarity on all of the animals to symbolize how we're all connected. All of life works as one continuous energy field linked together by mysteries unknown. Geometric Plane: The geometric shapes represent the hidden energy of repeated shapes and patterns. Similar to the idea of us all being connected, many who have out-of-body or psychedelic experiences see a geometric plane or grid connecting everything within view for an incredible distance. BEAR BULL   DEER EAGLE   ELEPHANT FOX   FROG GOAT   GORILLA HORSE   LION OWL   RABBIT RACCOON   RATTLESNAKE ROOSTER   TIGER WOLF  


Vintage Racer Art Prints

  • September 08, 2014

When I was young, my father introduced me to speed. At first, it was bicycles and Power Wheels, but that eventually led to motocross bikes and highly-modified racing ATVs, which then led to cars and street bikes. Now I appreciate all forms of speed, like most gear heads.  Like a drug, speed is something we crave. Faster, we push ourselves until we reach a special place that can almost be described as another dimension. It might not last long, but for a brief moment it allows us to leave behind the world we knew and enter into a frightening (yet, relieving) sliver of time that is indescribable. Even if only for a split second, crossing into this realm of euphoric danger reminds us that life is still wonderful. And as we age, as the struggles and problems pile on, we begin to appreciate this feeling even more. + Art Prints  


Motorcycle Illustration Prints

  • January 28, 2014

Kurt Diserio's recent motorcycle illustrations are now available for poster prints in our Art & Design section. Follow the link below for more information. To use the illustration online or in print media, please contact + Art Prints

Kurt Diserio is a creative artist whose work is heavily influenced by vintage motorcycle culture, graffiti street art, and the outdoors. With degrees in Business Marketing and Graphic Design, he has continuously been involved with the creation and marketing of many different businesses, brands, and events, including Wild Native Design, Wild Native Photography, American Muscle Docks & Fabrication, Spastic Designs, Valley Cycle Accessories, and more. Kurt currently resides near the wonderful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but enjoys traveling to the West Coast and getting lost as often as possible. Although he is the sole artist behind all of Wild Native's products, you can view his underdeveloped portfolio and personal artwork at
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