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Native Noise

a collection of fragmented thoughts from the basement of a tired mind

American Dream

  • January 21, 2013

I am not living the American dream. The real American dream is to eventually win the lottery, allowing yourself to quit your shitass job and have enough money to carry you through life with all of the alcohol and tobacco needed to eventually kill you. Or in some cases, if you lack self respect, then just replace the lucky lottery ticket with an undeserving lawsuit. No way, Captain Consequence. Because I don't buy lottery tickets, this is not my fate. Like many others that are not living this dream, I have to work extremely hard for my death. And if you take away the idea of Heaven and Hell, all that is left in the end, after all of the hard work, are the memories. Memories in time that are forever locked, never to be opened again. Memories. Remember that.


Hidden Hell

  • December 04, 2012

There is a hidden hell to design work. It's mentally easier to do most labor work than it is to do design. Reason is, a lot of labor jobs just require you to follow directions, and the majority are complete repeats of something that has been done before, over and over again. Most design work has no directions, and almost every job is something brand new. A customer wants the designer to make something great without any hints as to what they consider to be great. So now it becomes two jobs. First to study the customer and figure out who they are, how they think, and what they expect the finished piece to be, and then the designer has to carry out the task, risking judgment in hopes that the customer will be pleased with the outcome.

Kurt Diserio is a creative artist whose work is heavily influenced by vintage motorcycle culture, graffiti street art, and the outdoors. With degrees in Business Marketing and Graphic Design, he has continuously been involved with the creation and marketing of many different businesses, brands, and events, including Wild Native Design, Wild Native Photography, American Muscle Docks & Fabrication, Spastic Designs, Valley Cycle Accessories, and more. Kurt currently resides near the wonderful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but enjoys traveling to the West Coast and getting lost as often as possible. Although he is the sole artist behind all of Wild Native's products, you can view his underdeveloped portfolio and personal artwork at
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