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Graphics Information
All vinyl graphics are printed in the USA with materials made in USA. Both Wild Native and Spastic Designs graphics are thermal printed on top quality 18 mil thick outdoor vinyl.

Standard decals use 4 mil thick outdoor vinyl.

Most orders placed online for standard graphics kits without any modifications ship within three business days (Monday-Friday). If you want additional custom modifications, it will take longer due to the extra work involved and needing approval from the customer.

Wild Native Design is able to make minor modifications to graphics. Wild Native and Spastic Designs logos cannot be removed, but we can add other sponsor logos, change colors, or add a rider's name/number to the kit. If you would like changes, just order the kit online, and during Checkout, just write in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BOX that you'd like changes to be made before printing. We will then contact you through email.

Adding sponsor logos to graphics ranges from $10-$20 depending on the amount of logos added. Logos must be vector files, as graphics are thermal printed. We cannot copy/paste raster images into graphics. Luckily, we have a wide range of popular motorsports company logos already. If you have a local business without a vector file logo, we can write the business name on in a bold, standard font.
Changing the colors of an existing graphics kit is $10 per color. For example, if you order the TRX450R Data Series and want to change red to orange, it would be $10. If you want to change the red to orange and the silver to yellow, it would be $20.

After ordering number plates/backgrounds from the Wild Native store, we will contact you through e-mail for the details of your backgrounds. We will need to know the main background color, number and number color, outer border color, inner accent color, and if you'd like your name on them. If they're for an ATV, we will need to know what type of hood you're using, whether you want your grab bar drop plate to be horizontal or vertical, and the type of front bumper you have (if you ordered a front bumper plate).

The graphics colors shown online may differ from the colors printed. For example, Hot Green is a bright, vibrant green that may not look bright or vibrant on your computer screen. Although there have been no complaints in the past, please keep in mind that it's almost impossible to match plastic or powder coat colors perfectly. If you have questions about a color, just ask before ordering.

All graphics are made for stock plastic unless otherwise noted. Example: Laker Custom plastic options for ATVs. There is no guarantee a graphics kit will fit if the bike or ATV does not have stock plastic, so PLEASE check with us before ordering online.